GraduationšŸŽ“…. Or not.

This is a very emotional day for me..

Not because Michael Jackson died in 09. It’s because I’m seeing all these kids in their cap and gowns graduating high school noticing I couldn’t get a chance to in 2008 to walk the auditorium stage but later got my diploma in summer school. I should’ve went to the graduation ceremony. Which was crazy because when I walked home from school that day, the question that lingers in my mind to this day was asked from my parents. “Declan, did u graduate?” and I replied “….no” and just because I was ashamed, I got up from my couch and went to sleep in my room..

Graduation or not

Though I knew I failed up to that point, I wasn’t going to just quit everything and be embarrassed. I already knew right then and there by my guidance counselor and other students that were graduating. I had to give it one last shot to pass every single class. Hoping it was a dream. Despite everything I did in my senior year, I was short by 3 credits.

Summer School was two weeks away from graduation..

And today just so happen to be the day 7 years ago…
When people say time heals all wounds, sometimes it doesn’t. No matter how weird it sounds to someone else, it still hurts.