TeamLeader1: “I called u 3 times to ask you why you got off the elevator so rowdy. I asked u 3 times yes or no?”
Me: “you did”
TL2: “he called you 3 times, correct”
Me: “ok?”
TL2: “what did u do”
Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “what did u say to him as u were going to the bathroom”

Me: “Exactly what I said.”

TL2: “That’s not what I asked”

Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: (interrupts) “I didn’t ask that”

Me: I’m answering your question…I went to the bathroom!”

TL2: “what did you say to TL1?”

Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “You’re not answering the question.”

Me: (interrupts) “I am answering the question.. I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “you’re avoiding the question for no reason…”

TL1: “what did you say when you came upstairs?”

Me: “Im going to the bathroom…”

TL1: (interrupts) “no besides that, why did I call you in the first place?”

Me: “why did you call me?”

TL1: “because you came upstairs and you were like -f this shit- blah blah.. I heard u with my own two ears …say that”

Me: “I said… what I said

TL1:” I’m not talking about when I called u”

TL2: “were not saying what you did, what did u say when you came from off the elevator”

Me: “I said where I was going..like”

TL1: “either way you look at it… A leader called you 3 times. That’s it. You came up very disorderly.. Very disorderly and everybody was telling you to calm down and you can sit there and lie to me all you want to; I heard when you said -f that shit-“

me: “all I said was, I’m going to the bathroom!”

TL2: “pause that pause that. Regardless of whether u swore at him or not.. Did he not call you 3 times?”

Me: “I was going to the bathroom… I am answering the question”

TL2: “Declan, Declan.. Just answer the question.. TL1 called you.. What did you do”

Me: “I went to the bathroom.. Because if I went at a certain time, it was going to happen”

TL2: “null and void.. U know what that’s called?”

Me: “What?”

TL2: “failure to follow instructions from your leader”

Me: (2-5 second pause) ….. “So i can’t use the bathroom??”

TL2: “TL1 said you failed to come to him… Correct?”

Me: “cuz I had to the bathroom..! I failed to go to the leader because I had to use restroom!”

TL2: “you know what that is??? -failure to follow instructions- and what is that? A Corrective Action. You’re on a multiple final already and u didn’t come to your leader when he called u multiple times. Declan, we told u about a week or two ago… Me and (another TL bitch nigga), told you about your warnings already.. You’re on a final for attendance and performance.”

Me: “how am I on a final for attendance if I’m always here early.. Always.”

TL2: “Declan, what I’m telling you right now….

You’re terminated from target

Me: (10 second pause.)……. So do I get To use the bathroom?”

 TL2: “u need to get your stuff and clock out”

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