“A Quarter of a Dollar: Life and times”

Quarter of A Dollar..

To everyone, nobody saves pennies since they’re worthless (so here’s a quarter),
To Me, each one of them serves a different purpose;
Each penny added up.. equivalent to a purchase,
For each person approaching me, thank me for my service.
For One, the first time I’ve ever shot a weapon,
My mind was racing so many thoughts came to me in a second;
Niggas with disrespectful comments, always putting TWO cents in,
THREE  rounds to the head, just to never finish their sentences.
FOURTH and FIFTH, never really finished elementary,
If you asked me how, I Would tell you and you wouldnt get me;
SIX, the letters of my first name and how it’s spelt,
Declan, all about the life and times and how he felt.
I can’t believe it’s been SEVEN years since high school finished,
Life’s crazy because I never got to know whoever was in it;
EIGHT, is the birth month that is August,
So when it’s sunny, it always make the days looking gorgeous.


I can’t wait to go to drill and shoot rounds off at targets,
Still cant believe i got let go.. from Target (damn);
Couldn’t stand work, niggas there are also retarded,
Inevitable, I would’ve been let go regardless.
Over some dumb shit, but let me get back to the subject,
I might say the wrong shit and shoot back at these puppets;
I lived a good life so far NINE Times out of TEN,
A couple of interesting situation I’ve gotten in.

ELEVEN, thinking of my grandmother in heaven,
Along with my cousin.. I collectively love them;
TWELVE, the age I’ve done exceptionally well,
Though i was never popular, my grades never fell.
THIRTEEN is the body count and maybe a relationship,
It wasnt bad or good.. just average.. so I aint saying shit;
In which at a different time in my life, i experienced a broken heart,
So i kinda figured that means, life’s supposed to start.

Which leads me to FOURTEEN,

the 1st and last year that I’ve ever thought of poetry;
I always cherish my friendships,
But shoutout to the FIFTEEN fuck ass niggas I’m no longer friends with.
16 and 17, the day and age I lost my virginity,
Imagine how i would’ve handled shit differently;
EIGHTEEN, as it may seem for the people that hate me,
Gotta love those that appreciate me.
NINETEEN is the amount of… idk,
TWENTY is for the day I was birth, thats my birthday;
If im never to get any presents, I’m thankful for life in the 1st place.
TWENTY-ONE, the good days I’ve had in my senior year,
But the past is the past, so I might as well just leave it there;
22 and 23,
Both years I’ve learned a lot in my military job so it was fun to me.

Now I’m 24 going through a mid life crisis,

Thinking positive and trying to live life like it (Life’s ok);
So i put on my thinking cap,
Thinking of how my ex broke up with a colleague.. what type of shit is that?
Before I thinking that I’m sulking into struggle,
I thank God that I never got myself into trouble;
I love to dress casual, check the corners lf the collar,
In just a few hours I’ll reach a QUARTER of a DOLLAR.

rather not be a gangsta anyway,
Being 25 and alive beats 25 to Life anyday..

Cuz aint no such things as halfway crooks lol.