“A Mile and a half” 🚢🏽 Β  πŸŽ“

A Mile And a Half..

Let me tell you about how much I’ve been reminiscing,
About This smart guy named Larry who never paid attention;
He enrolled in a high school for business
all the advice he’ve been getting from others,
Came a long way from a mile and a half but, he never listened.
an intelligent person but he had bad grades,
Later learned that he regret it on his last day.

From thinking…

About this one girl in particular,
It’s like she mentally abused him, so ridiculous.
Going through the motions, with that and Senioritis,
What good is a counselor without them giving some guidance?
Discouraged from Seeing people departing school to Coney Island.
Thinking about a lot, as if it could’ve been him,
Sitting in class thinking about what could’ve been,
He started focusing more as time was progressing,
The talks of him being a super senior was expected.

Got serious..

Had his thinking cap on as he buckled his clutch genes,
Didn’t think of negativity as much as it seems;
Passed all his tests then he was focused on prom,
Prior to that he went on take some pictures with mom.
Went out and came home about 4 in the morning,
1st time he relaxed all year.. That’s all her ever wanted;
Went to school the next day smiling,
That he ain’t even have to do no more projects.
His guidance counselor called him to office for a very brief meeting,
Very optimistic, for a reason.
But she said “you’re not going to graduate for that you’re short by a couple credits,”


He didn’t know this would happen, but he couldn’t forget it;
She said “though you’re still invited”
He walked out the office insulted, as he lost all excitement.
He felt all his hard work was tainted,
Went to pick up his report card, the day of graduation.
He looked at his friends in cap and gowns,
Happy for them, unlike him because he left with a frown;
Synonymous to Kobe when he lost in game 6
In the NBA finals,
He felt he went through the same shit, as then he figured his life.

Instead of taking the bus home,

He walked about A Mile And A Half,
Thoughts of ineligible to graduate was difficult to grasp;
Though it’s much more to life to put this beside him,
It might be difficult to put it behind him.