Know Your self, Know Your Worth

Know Your self, Know Your worth

know yourself know your worth

Everyone is unique in their own way. That’s what makes us all different and special about ourselves. I’m definitely a firm believer of the mantra, “Know Your self, Know Your Worth” because it is only YOU that know your entire being. How you speak, act, think, carry yourself etc., describes your entire worth (or what you over/underestimate it to be). Knowing yourself is the best gift you can possibly (or at least top 10). However, you’d be surprised of the many people that don’t know either or.

The Thirst Trap

I’m not going to say EVERY woman who thirst traps have nothing POSITIVE to offer; for that would be ignorant of me to say. Due to the fact that I don’t know ALL women, i’m not viable to make that statement. I’m sure there are (a majority of) women such as strippers, models, pornstars, “bottle service technicians” (which is by far the funniest name for an occupation that I’ve heard in my opinion) or women who love corn flakes that take provocative photos in their leisure. That’s totally fine. I find nothing wrong with that. Do as you do. However, what I can talk about is what I’ve witnessed in the 12 years I’ve been on social media. Don’t worry, I’m not going to put every experience on here, I promise. It’s just that certain women would go to a store to try on clothes that don’t fit; to go in the dressing room, snap a picture of themselves and post it on social media. Then, they’d put a caption that has EXACTLY nothing to do with the photo such as:

  • “I’m getting thick”
  • (enter any bible verse here)
  • “I wonder if this fits me”
  • “who left the milk out of the fridge?”

I guess the term “post your pic and go” doesn’t apply to you, I see. So, you wore the outfit that couldn’t fit you in which nobody knows you have sand in your vagina. Maybe you have a yeast infection. You advertise yourself on social media with some bullshit ass caption seeking attention. Suddenly you look in the mirror and realize you didn’t like the outfit so you put it back where it belongs JUST for someone else to have sand in their vagina. After you posted the picture, you end up getting 13 likes in 6 days. SAD panda.

Listen I’m a huge fan of curves (if they’re proportionate). If you knew your self and what your worth was, you should’ve worn clothes that fit. Maybe you would’ve gotten an extra 5 likes for being SMART and tasteful.

The Irony.


With the sure fact most women post thirst traps (either by accident or on purpose), they dont really seem to be into men’s comments. Regardless if its respectful or not, women are more in tuned with other women say because I’m assuming that most men who respond are “thirsty.” They ignore the men, yet play along with the women. Women end up getting compliments and/or “dic-tures” and they advertise on their news feed. Which doesn’t make sense because if you weren’t interested to begin with, I’m pretty sure it’d take less time and energy to block, delete and keep it moving. Now you wasted your time showing out to your followers to boost your self esteem. You just gave him free promotion. How silly? That’s another example of NOT knowing your worth.

Here’s where it gets exciting.

Sunday I was at work doing a double shift. I finished reading my book and decided to go on Twitter. I scroll on the timeline and (OF COURSE), I’d see a woman post a thirst trap. However, a guy commented on the picture conversing with friends about sports on the thirst trap. When I saw the thread of the conversion, it was the best idea I’ve ever seen. I laughed and told myself:

“This is too good to be TRUE”

I continue scrolling and see another thirst trap with yet a different conversation from other guys.

“Could this be a new phenomenon”

“Is this a game changer? because if so, I’m a fan! LOL

But of course, when there’s SUN, there’s RAIN.

Some women who are known to post thirst traps didn’t take heed to the new phenomenon quite well. Proclaiming it to be “corny,” “lame” or “stupid.”

I’ve seen one girl say:

“If you didn’t like the thirst trap, you could’ve just scrolled past it”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? LOL. Another girl swung for the fences and posted a picture with her ass poking out and said:


Next thing I know one of my followers were conversing about how horrible the NFL Pro Bowl was. The women went as far as calling the person “Gay” or a “cornball” because he didn’t want to acknowledge the thirst trap in which he wanted to misdirect the rhetoric of the fat ass to start an intellectual conversation. Meanwhile, I thought women didn’t like when men complimented or thirsted under their pictures. Now they dont like the idea of misdirection when its not in their favor.

My words to the women who are very upset of the new phenomenon:

If you knew your self and what your worth was you wouldn’t be so hateful. Now you’re upset because you don’t like the attention you’re NOT receiving. Now you gotta take the sand out of your vagina.

The Plus Size of Everything.

As I said earlier, a woman with curves is a beautiful sight to see if they’re proportionate. A lot of people may not like plus sized women. That’s ok. However, we must understand that not everyone is universally attractive. Also, I enjoy the liberation of plus sized women on social media. In fact, I applaud their confidence. Society is in a way accepting plus sized women NOW compared to how it was 20-30 years ago.

Here’s my problem.

I would see a plus sized woman post a before and after photo of herself about her being overlooked when she was younger and the transformation that she became. Then she’d write a long ass story about it (which is fine because she learned to love herself as time progressed- I like that). However, what happens when you tell ONE joke MULTIPLE times? Answer? The impact isn’t as powerful. They’d do the same thing on different consecutive pictures. Leave MLA formats and Christmas-esque wishlist on it saying the exact same thing. What makes this all bad is that they’re quick to say:

“I dont care what anyone else thinks”


“I can do what I want”

Yet, you’re posting this for attention. Seeking validation for what reason? It was great the first time. You dont have to ruin the bowl of Frosted flakes by adding MORE sugar when it’s already SWEET enough. Now you have guys sending you dic-tures while looking at you selling Flat Tummy Tea/fake fashionova apparel. Next thing you know you’re posting a picture with a 1000 word essay as a caption talking about you were “overlooked as a child” so now you’re “some fire ass bitch who don’t answer DMs unless its about money for my premium snap.” Some guy gave you $5, but that’s not enough to take you to work and back home on the train. You then go to drastic measures by dancing/swinging on the pole on the 5 train heading to Eastchester/Dyre Avenue. Someone threw a quarter at the side of your head. Now you’re on the floor with a concussion. Someone dragged you out of the train and left you on the East 180 street platform. It’s 22 degrees outside; 11:37 PM and you’re shivering because you didn’t dress warm. On top of which you have a knot on the side of your head. Cold world. You should’ve not only knew but loved yourself and your worth. You probably would’ve avoided the headache (no pun intended)

Some of you might say:

“Dec, I dont know why you went this hard for… It aint that deep, you being wild corny!”

First of all, shut the fuck up forever. It’s not my fault these digital dickheads don’t understand how to love themselves enough for the better.

The Root..


All jokes aside, lets get to the root of the issue. Most of us have people we associate with or interested in from time to time. Yet we feel as if we give too much of ourselves to those who show limited or no reciprocation at all. For example, lets say you want to go out with a friend or someone you like. You’re very interested in being accompanied with their company that you enjoy their time a lot. They reply with “I’ll let you know” or “I’m busy.” Although they can have a potentially busy schedule, NOBODY is TOO BUSY for anything. Especially when they’re VERY interested. People make time for who they want to make time for. The president of the United States is the busiest man in the world yet he makes time for the first lady.

So, lets do the math in our Cam’ron Killa season voices shall we? Ok.

There’s 168 hours in a week.

Know your self know your worth

  • The average amount of work full time is 40 hours.
  • Now you’re down to 128 hours.
  • A person sleeps for about 49-56 hours (without interruption)
  • Which means without working, you have 2 whole days (unless you sleep a lot).
  • That would bring it to 72-79 hours left.
  • That means work and sleep put together is 96 hours with 72 of being awake.
  • Going to school full time is 12 hours more or less (I haven’t went to college in almost 7 years so forgive me for not knowing the correct amount of time).
  • Now you’re down to 60 hours of being awake.

SO you mean to tell me that a person can’t text within those 60 hours?

Listen. If you are to ever catch yourself double texting someone and they’re not giving you any type of communication, take a step back, pray/meditate (if you’re not on medication) say your affirmations and continue your day. I promise you it’s the fastest way to live within your truth/ knowing what you’re worth. By then, someone may come along the way and would die for your attention. It’s funny because I’ve been on a social media cleanse lately. I would care to talk to someone a lot to see how they’re doing. However, they’d give one word answers or not reply at all. So I delete them from everywhere (even from my phone). I don’t need negative frequencies around my aura. I am abundant and time is of the essence. I am worthy for all positive things that come into my life and most importantly…

Challenge is GROWTH.

Let me know what you think in the comments and dont forget to share across your social media platforms. Thank YOU!