Leaving the Game

leaving the game already

Leaving The Game..

All my life, I’ve always wanted to be able to, Leaving the game without having worries through;

The good and bad times, always living in my past,
And the people who’ve forgotten me.. Ima put them on my tab.
In 2008 I was 3 credits short of being in that auditorium,
Walking across that stage, I could’ve went to Florida;
Instead I took a long walk home with no one to blame,
For me not following the right way of
So I acknowledge it, all this sad shit.. Gotta come out of it,
For the reason I’ve spent my whole life behind cowardice;
I Attended college, then I dropped out of it,
Pursued the army, knowing a good future would follow it.
Spent 3 months in basic training, thinking about a bachelors,
They said I wouldn’t survive and started laughing;
Got my 29 shots, marksmanship badge allotted it,
Which taught me that bullshit in life.. Not allowing it.
I Had to run as if I’m black and avoiding being arrested;
Nobody’s perfect.. life teaches its lessons,
Everyday I spend being alive.. There’s a reason for blessings.
So I always knew an eagle can fly 5 miles, I believe it,
For whatever happens and I am the reason;
As all the times I kept my heat out of the rain….
 Graduating basic training is one way of Leaving the Game.