The Mask You Live In 🌚🤔

You know…?

It’s human nature to actually not show everyone.. the REAL you because of what society might think. Rightfully so, that’s fine. But at least it’s good to be YOURSELF. It’s free in this world to do as such.. but then again, some people actually feel to fill a void to hide their insecurities… so they need to be EXTRA to OVERCOMPENSATE the fact. Everybody got a mask these days..

mask part 2


For instance… I know you all somehow associate with a type of nigga who’s FLASHY with everythkng he has to offer from CLOTHES, MONEY and CARS (if he’s a driver) on the outside but on the inside doesn’t really match lmao

let’s start with him..

I see some of y’all like to show a facade,
Your comfy in ANOTHER skin which seems pretty odd;
You lie to yourself as an attempt to put up a front for the crowd,
It amazes me so much that I’m wondering how.
And some of y’all niggas STINK, but u mask it with cologne,
Buying designer clothes yet NOT having enough for your phone;
You tuck your shirt in your jeans to show off your belt… the Brand is HERMES,
One thing about tables is that they always turn.
But nobody can stop your show, until reality sets in,
Look at you tryna impress a bitch who wear $10 leggings (LMAO);
She crosses your path.. so you show your confidence,
But her body language says NOT INTERESTED as she make it obvious.
You shoot your shot! But She ignores.. so it’s a brick.


She stop and turns back as you see her approach you,
I guess you “can’t stand when a DIME acts antisocial” (tony yayo reference)🤣

You act all smooth as she isn’t impressed,
She gives you this gruesome look as if she’s smelling your breath;
To mask your rejection, you act as if you never seen her before,

Her: “You paid a lot of money for that belt, yet I assume at home .. you prolly sleep on the floor“🤣😭🤣😭

Niggas…Do you pay rent for The Mask You Live in?
The way she figuratively carries a bag to put your masculine in,
Do you buy you self esteem as if it was a utility?
The hurt you feel inside so she has no sympathy.
Expensive taste with beer money… yet you can’t afford to fill up a void within,
There’s broke conceited niggas in the world that I don’t even know where to begin;
Of the man in the mirror is what you’ll become to see,
the best thing in the world is that Being yourself is free.


I’m doing my best to figure out why when niggas feel rejected they feel the need to show that they’re not hurt so they insult the girl. Calling her names and not charging it to the game. There’s like 6 women to 1 man ratio in the world so someone bound to LOVE the artificial self esteem you’re equipped with. Niggas that tuck their shirts in the jeans to show off their belts feel the need to be entitled to everything!! That a simple … “hey I hope you’re having a wonderful day” even when she ignores saves you SO MUCH GRACE that the next time she sees you more often she might strike up a conversation with you in the next meet up. But instead… she embarrasses you in front your friends (and hers) so you feel twice as hurt.

It’s ok I know the feeling (no I don’t, lmao)🤣🤣


The thing about a mask is…

Niggas aren’t the ONLY ones who wears a mask to veil their true self. Women do it especially. Face Value is more of their true thing lmao. In fact, some women are just as superficial with their exterior beings that they reject anyone that’s below their worth of grade. If they’re a 10, they wouldn’t even shed a strand of hair as someone who isn’t at least an 11. Most women have a mask these days.

But the truth will somehow come to the light of these women, all it takes is a few seconds…

Lemme show Yall something..

You put pounds of makeup on to cover your acne,
Get dressed in provocative clothes, exactly;
100+ likes on Instagram,
Hoping no one knows the REAL you when shit hits the fan.
Fat ass and big tiddies without your personality to match,
Trying to get niggas to fund your PREMIUM SNAP .

You borrow panties from your cousin,
(Oh yes girl, I’m talking to you)

You Strip all week to go clubbin
(oh yes girl I’m talking to u— “No Pigeons reference)

Yet you’re the one niggas say “God damn” Though;
But You got your body done by Dr. Orlando (LMAO)🤣

So you’re at the club while niggas tryna get your attention,
I guess you’ll keep this facade until Reality set in 🌚
Yet you see some Flashy nigga poppin bottles with the fireworks,
You tryna have him taste some Henny up inside your shirt;
U fluff your bra so your tiddies seem bigger,
You bring your friends along to the VIP with ya.

Her: “You kinda cute, so you’d be lucky if my mean ass like you”🙄
Him: “I Guess that means you’re mean to EVERY nigga”

Y’all laugh and have conversations until the end and he taking u home,
Fast forward, u in the whip while u giving him dome;
He like the vibe and the timing is right,
He already know he having a good time tonight.
Y’all go to bed.. you wake up in the morning…everything is good.
According to plan just like you thought it would
He wake up and see you without your second face because it’s in the pillow,
U looked like Pocahontas in the club but now you’re Granny Willow.
He looking close at you and your body as it seems unfamiliar,
Because u don’t seem as GREAT as your Instagram pictures.
Surprised she felt, So she feeling embarrassed…
Went from the MVP to being less than average.

Her: “I know I don’t like look like last night but we should do this again.”
Him: “Bitch, I came home with a 10 at 2 to a 2 at 10!”

“A Quarter of a Dollar: Life and times”

Quarter of A Dollar..

To everyone, nobody saves pennies since they’re worthless (so here’s a quarter),
To Me, each one of them serves a different purpose;
Each penny added up.. equivalent to a purchase,
For each person approaching me, thank me for my service.
For One, the first time I’ve ever shot a weapon,
My mind was racing so many thoughts came to me in a second;
Niggas with disrespectful comments, always putting TWO cents in,
THREE  rounds to the head, just to never finish their sentences.
FOURTH and FIFTH, never really finished elementary,
If you asked me how, I Would tell you and you wouldnt get me;
SIX, the letters of my first name and how it’s spelt,
Declan, all about the life and times and how he felt.
I can’t believe it’s been SEVEN years since high school finished,
Life’s crazy because I never got to know whoever was in it;
EIGHT, is the birth month that is August,
So when it’s sunny, it always make the days looking gorgeous.


I can’t wait to go to drill and shoot rounds off at targets,
Still cant believe i got let go.. from Target (damn);
Couldn’t stand work, niggas there are also retarded,
Inevitable, I would’ve been let go regardless.
Over some dumb shit, but let me get back to the subject,
I might say the wrong shit and shoot back at these puppets;
I lived a good life so far NINE Times out of TEN,
A couple of interesting situation I’ve gotten in.

ELEVEN, thinking of my grandmother in heaven,
Along with my cousin.. I collectively love them;
TWELVE, the age I’ve done exceptionally well,
Though i was never popular, my grades never fell.
THIRTEEN is the body count and maybe a relationship,
It wasnt bad or good.. just average.. so I aint saying shit;
In which at a different time in my life, i experienced a broken heart,
So i kinda figured that means, life’s supposed to start.

Which leads me to FOURTEEN,

the 1st and last year that I’ve ever thought of poetry;
I always cherish my friendships,
But shoutout to the FIFTEEN fuck ass niggas I’m no longer friends with.
16 and 17, the day and age I lost my virginity,
Imagine how i would’ve handled shit differently;
EIGHTEEN, as it may seem for the people that hate me,
Gotta love those that appreciate me.
NINETEEN is the amount of… idk,
TWENTY is for the day I was birth, thats my birthday;
If im never to get any presents, I’m thankful for life in the 1st place.
TWENTY-ONE, the good days I’ve had in my senior year,
But the past is the past, so I might as well just leave it there;
22 and 23,
Both years I’ve learned a lot in my military job so it was fun to me.

Now I’m 24 going through a mid life crisis,

Thinking positive and trying to live life like it (Life’s ok);
So i put on my thinking cap,
Thinking of how my ex broke up with a colleague.. what type of shit is that?
Before I thinking that I’m sulking into struggle,
I thank God that I never got myself into trouble;
I love to dress casual, check the corners lf the collar,
In just a few hours I’ll reach a QUARTER of a DOLLAR.

rather not be a gangsta anyway,
Being 25 and alive beats 25 to Life anyday..

Cuz aint no such things as halfway crooks lol.



TeamLeader1: “I called u 3 times to ask you why you got off the elevator so rowdy. I asked u 3 times yes or no?”
Me: “you did”
TL2: “he called you 3 times, correct”
Me: “ok?”
TL2: “what did u do”
Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “what did u say to him as u were going to the bathroom”

Me: “Exactly what I said.”

TL2: “That’s not what I asked”

Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: (interrupts) “I didn’t ask that”

Me: I’m answering your question…I went to the bathroom!”

TL2: “what did you say to TL1?”

Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “You’re not answering the question.”

Me: (interrupts) “I am answering the question.. I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “you’re avoiding the question for no reason…”

TL1: “what did you say when you came upstairs?”

Me: “Im going to the bathroom…”

TL1: (interrupts) “no besides that, why did I call you in the first place?”

Me: “why did you call me?”

TL1: “because you came upstairs and you were like -f this shit- blah blah.. I heard u with my own two ears …say that”

Me: “I said… what I said

TL1:” I’m not talking about when I called u”

TL2: “were not saying what you did, what did u say when you came from off the elevator”

Me: “I said where I was”

TL1: “either way you look at it… A leader called you 3 times. That’s it. You came up very disorderly.. Very disorderly and everybody was telling you to calm down and you can sit there and lie to me all you want to; I heard when you said -f that shit-“

me: “all I said was, I’m going to the bathroom!”

TL2: “pause that pause that. Regardless of whether u swore at him or not.. Did he not call you 3 times?”

Me: “I was going to the bathroom… I am answering the question”

TL2: “Declan, Declan.. Just answer the question.. TL1 called you.. What did you do”

Me: “I went to the bathroom.. Because if I went at a certain time, it was going to happen”

TL2: “null and void.. U know what that’s called?”

Me: “What?”

TL2: “failure to follow instructions from your leader”

Me: (2-5 second pause) ….. “So i can’t use the bathroom??”

TL2: “TL1 said you failed to come to him… Correct?”

Me: “cuz I had to the bathroom..! I failed to go to the leader because I had to use restroom!”

TL2: “you know what that is??? -failure to follow instructions- and what is that? A Corrective Action. You’re on a multiple final already and u didn’t come to your leader when he called u multiple times. Declan, we told u about a week or two ago… Me and (another TL bitch nigga), told you about your warnings already.. You’re on a final for attendance and performance.”

Me: “how am I on a final for attendance if I’m always here early.. Always.”

TL2: “Declan, what I’m telling you right now….

You’re terminated from target

Me: (10 second pause.)……. So do I get To use the bathroom?”

 TL2: “u need to get your stuff and clock out”