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“A Quarter of a Dollar: Life and times”

Quarter of A Dollar..

To everyone, nobody saves pennies since they’re worthless (so here’s a quarter),
To Me, each one of them serves a different purpose;
Each penny added up.. equivalent to a purchase,
For each person approaching me, thank me for my service.
For One, the first time I’ve ever shot a weapon,
My mind was racing so many thoughts came to me in a second;
Niggas with disrespectful comments, always putting TWO cents in,
THREE  rounds to the head, just to never finish their sentences.
FOURTH and FIFTH, never really finished elementary,
If you asked me how, I Would tell you and you wouldnt get me;
SIX, the letters of my first name and how it’s spelt,
Declan, all about the life and times and how he felt.
I can’t believe it’s been SEVEN years since high school finished,
Life’s crazy because I never got to know whoever was in it;
EIGHT, is the birth month that is August,
So when it’s sunny, it always make the days looking gorgeous.


I can’t wait to go to drill and shoot rounds off at targets,
Still cant believe i got let go.. from Target (damn);
Couldn’t stand work, niggas there are also retarded,
Inevitable, I would’ve been let go regardless.
Over some dumb shit, but let me get back to the subject,
I might say the wrong shit and shoot back at these puppets;
I lived a good life so far NINE Times out of TEN,
A couple of interesting situation I’ve gotten in.

ELEVEN, thinking of my grandmother in heaven,
Along with my cousin.. I collectively love them;
TWELVE, the age I’ve done exceptionally well,
Though i was never popular, my grades never fell.
THIRTEEN is the body count and maybe a relationship,
It wasnt bad or good.. just average.. so I aint saying shit;
In which at a different time in my life, i experienced a broken heart,
So i kinda figured that means, life’s supposed to start.

Which leads me to FOURTEEN,

the 1st and last year that I’ve ever thought of poetry;
I always cherish my friendships,
But shoutout to the FIFTEEN fuck ass niggas I’m no longer friends with.
16 and 17, the day and age I lost my virginity,
Imagine how i would’ve handled shit differently;
EIGHTEEN, as it may seem for the people that hate me,
Gotta love those that appreciate me.
NINETEEN is the amount of… idk,
TWENTY is for the day I was birth, thats my birthday;
If im never to get any presents, I’m thankful for life in the 1st place.
TWENTY-ONE, the good days I’ve had in my senior year,
But the past is the past, so I might as well just leave it there;
22 and 23,
Both years I’ve learned a lot in my military job so it was fun to me.

Now I’m 24 going through a mid life crisis,

Thinking positive and trying to live life like it (Life’s ok);
So i put on my thinking cap,
Thinking of how my ex broke up with a colleague.. what type of shit is that?
Before I thinking that I’m sulking into struggle,
I thank God that I never got myself into trouble;
I love to dress casual, check the corners lf the collar,
In just a few hours I’ll reach a QUARTER of a DOLLAR.

rather not be a gangsta anyway,
Being 25 and alive beats 25 to Life anyday..

Cuz aint no such things as halfway crooks lol.

👸🏾 My Melanin Monroe: my appreciation to Women of Color 🏃🏾

My Melanin Monroe..

Your skin is so beautiful,
Let me explore your mind as the feeling is mutual;
Or you can let me taste your skin; is it caramel or chocolate?
Anything u want in this world from me, you got it.👍🏾
To some of these niggas… You may not be THE option,
But don’t worry, those the niggas you need to be dodging;
My Melanin Monroe, you keep getting stressed out by society,
I just want to give you paradise in different varieties.
Gorgeous brown self; so I should call u “Melanie,”
Most beautiful woman in this world I’ve ever seen;
Full lips, brown eyes and your hair is natural,
You created a lot of things in this world which is very factual.
I’m in love with the cocoa, not the white.. But the brown one,
if you’re with me, living stress free is the outcome;
When you cross my path, you leave behind rose petals,
and when I look into your eyes, they shine like gold medals.

My Melanin Monroe..

Your soul is very wealthy,
Let me find out that you be tastin like some Nestle;
Very slick with the tongue.. Which is very refreshing,
Must be heaven sent because I can see that God has blessed me.🙏🏾
You know how the saying goes, “..the sweeter the juice,”
I’m just trying to see how deep are your roots; 😂
Just playing, you know I’m not trying to rush you…
This world isn’t so promising but I just want to love you ❤️

melanin monroe

“I wanna take you where it feel like June in December, boo.
So what you think about Cancun ’til the winter through”


Some can’t handle the attitude like one of many periods,
But fuck them other niggas because I can take you serious;
And even you’re trippin’, we’ll trip and I’ll pay for ya,
Go to Trinidad, sit in a beach and wait for ya. 🇹🇹
Face of a goddess, skin tone ebony,
The way u cook your food, you can tell I love your recipe;
You have this innocent look about you, yet u can be my remedy.
Every girl is mad so u know I sense some jealousy.
Not a fan of jewelry but I’ll buy you that necklace,
You got a smart mouth, cuz you be talkin reckless;
Although u be on some next shit,
I’ll make love to you… Even for breakfast 😉

My Melanin Monroe..

The type of woman I can be with plus the fact you’re strong mentally,
The grace of your smell from the way you move the scent of me;
I love your personality and I’m feeling your vibe,
Most of all I can see the sunrise when I look in your eyes.
You’re strong like our fists up in the air, cause we’re solid✊🏾
The best in the world, your beauty is as good as your logic;
Pretty as a gemstone, resemblance of an onyx,
Very rich in skin tone yet I’m tryna make a deposit.
Don’t let nobody tell you that “you’re pretty for a black girl,”
Because in my eyes (of course) you’ll always be “that girl;”
Like that girl is all that and a bag of chips,
Being around your presence is like a magic wish..




TeamLeader1: “I called u 3 times to ask you why you got off the elevator so rowdy. I asked u 3 times yes or no?”
Me: “you did”
TL2: “he called you 3 times, correct”
Me: “ok?”
TL2: “what did u do”
Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “what did u say to him as u were going to the bathroom”

Me: “Exactly what I said.”

TL2: “That’s not what I asked”

Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: (interrupts) “I didn’t ask that”

Me: I’m answering your question…I went to the bathroom!”

TL2: “what did you say to TL1?”

Me: “I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “You’re not answering the question.”

Me: (interrupts) “I am answering the question.. I went to the bathroom”

TL2: “you’re avoiding the question for no reason…”

TL1: “what did you say when you came upstairs?”

Me: “Im going to the bathroom…”

TL1: (interrupts) “no besides that, why did I call you in the first place?”

Me: “why did you call me?”

TL1: “because you came upstairs and you were like -f this shit- blah blah.. I heard u with my own two ears …say that”

Me: “I said… what I said

TL1:” I’m not talking about when I called u”

TL2: “were not saying what you did, what did u say when you came from off the elevator”

Me: “I said where I was”

TL1: “either way you look at it… A leader called you 3 times. That’s it. You came up very disorderly.. Very disorderly and everybody was telling you to calm down and you can sit there and lie to me all you want to; I heard when you said -f that shit-“

me: “all I said was, I’m going to the bathroom!”

TL2: “pause that pause that. Regardless of whether u swore at him or not.. Did he not call you 3 times?”

Me: “I was going to the bathroom… I am answering the question”

TL2: “Declan, Declan.. Just answer the question.. TL1 called you.. What did you do”

Me: “I went to the bathroom.. Because if I went at a certain time, it was going to happen”

TL2: “null and void.. U know what that’s called?”

Me: “What?”

TL2: “failure to follow instructions from your leader”

Me: (2-5 second pause) ….. “So i can’t use the bathroom??”

TL2: “TL1 said you failed to come to him… Correct?”

Me: “cuz I had to the bathroom..! I failed to go to the leader because I had to use restroom!”

TL2: “you know what that is??? -failure to follow instructions- and what is that? A Corrective Action. You’re on a multiple final already and u didn’t come to your leader when he called u multiple times. Declan, we told u about a week or two ago… Me and (another TL bitch nigga), told you about your warnings already.. You’re on a final for attendance and performance.”

Me: “how am I on a final for attendance if I’m always here early.. Always.”

TL2: “Declan, what I’m telling you right now….

You’re terminated from target

Me: (10 second pause.)……. So do I get To use the bathroom?”

 TL2: “u need to get your stuff and clock out”

Graduation🎓…. Or not.

This is a very emotional day for me..

Not because Michael Jackson died in 09. It’s because I’m seeing all these kids in their cap and gowns graduating high school noticing I couldn’t get a chance to in 2008 to walk the auditorium stage but later got my diploma in summer school. I should’ve went to the graduation ceremony. Which was crazy because when I walked home from school that day, the question that lingers in my mind to this day was asked from my parents. “Declan, did u graduate?” and I replied “….no” and just because I was ashamed, I got up from my couch and went to sleep in my room..

Graduation or not

Though I knew I failed up to that point, I wasn’t going to just quit everything and be embarrassed. I already knew right then and there by my guidance counselor and other students that were graduating. I had to give it one last shot to pass every single class. Hoping it was a dream. Despite everything I did in my senior year, I was short by 3 credits.

Summer School was two weeks away from graduation..

And today just so happen to be the day 7 years ago…
When people say time heals all wounds, sometimes it doesn’t. No matter how weird it sounds to someone else, it still hurts.

Leaving the Game

leaving the game already

Leaving The Game..

All my life, I’ve always wanted to be able to, Leaving the game without having worries through;

The good and bad times, always living in my past,
And the people who’ve forgotten me.. Ima put them on my tab.
In 2008 I was 3 credits short of being in that auditorium,
Walking across that stage, I could’ve went to Florida;
Instead I took a long walk home with no one to blame,
For me not following the right way of
So I acknowledge it, all this sad shit.. Gotta come out of it,
For the reason I’ve spent my whole life behind cowardice;
I Attended college, then I dropped out of it,
Pursued the army, knowing a good future would follow it.
Spent 3 months in basic training, thinking about a bachelors,
They said I wouldn’t survive and started laughing;
Got my 29 shots, marksmanship badge allotted it,
Which taught me that bullshit in life.. Not allowing it.
I Had to run as if I’m black and avoiding being arrested;
Nobody’s perfect.. life teaches its lessons,
Everyday I spend being alive.. There’s a reason for blessings.
So I always knew an eagle can fly 5 miles, I believe it,
For whatever happens and I am the reason;
As all the times I kept my heat out of the rain….
 Graduating basic training is one way of Leaving the Game.